Tanjung Labu Beach

Who doesn’t know Bangka Belitung Island with its beautiful beaches. Located on the southern side of Bangka Island there are several small inhabited islands, that is where there are several tourist tourist destinations that you can visit. This time we will peel one of the beaches on one of the islands. Pantai Lampu is one of the beach destinations with white sand, located on Lepar Island The beach is still equipped with infrastructure to support tourist activities The beach is certainly still equipped with infrastructure to support tourist activities


How do you go to Lampu Beach?

Start from Pangkalpinang city, you must go to Toboali city by land route with length of journey  2-4 hours. There are several alternative choices for going to Toboali:

1. Rent a car + driver/ just rent a car in the range of IDR 300K / 24 h (Location in Pangkal Pinang)

2. Airport travel is only available at 9 a.m until 12 a.m IDR 70K

3. Using bus public transportation/ Prices range from IDR 45K and every hour from at 4 a.m until 7 p.m

Arriving at Toboali, then heading to the port of Sadai to get to Lepar Island, if you use public transport / travel you will definitely be dropped off at the “nanas” monument, from “nanas” monument you can use public transportation services, but only until at 2 p.m.  Arriving at Sadai Port, you can use speedboat transportation services to Lepar Island (Penutuk Port), range cost of between IDR 15K until 50K @ person depending on how you negotiate prices with the speed boat team.

After arriving at Lepar Island, to go to Pantai Lampu, a return journey of approximately 30 minutes is needed by land. You can rent a motorbike or use a motorcycle taxi.

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